Est 1997: Over 20 years of Laser cutting Expertise

Who We Are

Dragon Laser Limited is an established Laser Shop and, with more than 20 years experience in laser profiling and cutting of sheet metal, provides an independent service to the metal fabrication and general engineering industries. As a business, we focus on the contract and sub-contract requirements of equipment manufacturers, sheet metal fabricators and general engineers located in Wales and the South West.

The company was established in 1997 as the first independent laser profiling and cutting centre to be located in the Bridgend area. The Directors’ belief that this service would become an invaluable and cost effective service to local industry was soon realised and the move to a bigger, purpose built factory was inevitable. The business was transferred to its own new factory unit located at Heol Ffaldau, Brackla Industrial Estate, Bridgend in April 2004.

What We Can Do

Our modern CO2 laser machines provide an invaluable and cost effective service to the manufacturer of both established and developing products alike. Whatever your needs, laser cutting is rapidly becoming the obvious choice, particularly when developing prototypes with complex profiles or when satisfying infrequent demands for low to medium volume production. We have applied this technology to our own unique range of homeware and gardenware products.

There are many laser shops that can provide a cutting or marking service on a 'flat-in, flat-out' arrangement but if further work is required to form or fabricate the component, additional sub-contractors have to be found. With our new press break facility we are able to offer a choice of either ‘flat-cut' or fabricated component parts.

We have been fully accredited to the ISO9001quality standard for many years and in some cases can adapt our manufacturing procedures to satisfy the requirements of clients who conform to standards accepted by specialist industries. If your business needs a quality profile cutting or complete fabrication service and facility; If you are looking for a cost effective contract or sub-contract service; If you are faced with the demands of rapid product development; If you work in a just in time delivery environment, Dragon Laser can give you the cutting edge to compete!