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Cardiff University – Formula Student

Since 2014 Dragon Laser has offered support to the engineering talent of the future at Cardiff University in the form of discounted laser cutting and materials for their formula student cars. We have enjoyed working with new students each year and have been welcomed at every annual car launch.

Cardiff racing team captain Ben Fisher explains a little more about the competition below.

‘Formula Student is a world-wide university competition where students design and build a single seater, open cockpit, race car and compete against other universities. The season is aligned with the academic year, where students design the car during term time and then during the summer months each university takes their car to various competitions. There are over 750 teams world wide of which over 200 feature an electric powertrain. In fact, the fastest accelerating (0 – 100 Km/h) car is an electric formula student car. See the two links below:

Cardiff University has had a formula student team, Cardiff Racing, for a number of years now and is in fact designing and manufacturing its latest car, CR14 at the moment. At the UK competition last year Cardiff Racing competed against over 70 teams and achieved an unprecedented achievement by overcoming them all to become the first UK Champion of the UK event in its 19-year history.

Dragon Laser has played a large role in the manufacture of Cardiff Racing cars; all metal flat sheet components are laser cut by Dragon Laser as opposed to using traditional methods such as the use of hand tools. This means that a very professional and polished car is produced and allows complex components to be produced. The parts that Dragon Laser has produced for Cardiff Racing includes a large array of bracketry to mount roll hoops, wings, jacking points and engine components as well as also the brake disks for the car.

For more information on Cardiff Racing, please see the following links’