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Laser Cutting

The term LASER or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation describes how a solid, liquid or gas is encouraged to emit coherent light. The CO2 laser is a beam of light, when focused to a fine point, provides heat energy with enough intensity to melt and vaporise metal and other materials. At the cutting surface, the Laser beam is typically 0.2mm diameter with the speed and depth determined by the output energy and the quality of the beam emitted by the light resonator. Rapid cutting speeds, quality of finish and efficient use of materials make the modern CO2 laser an extremely cost effective alternative to the older, more conventional punch-tool method of sheet metal working. Automated sheet nesting of parts and optimised tool path settings can ensure the most efficient use of materials and the most economical piece part price.

At Dragon Laser, we operate some of the most advanced machinery and support equipment in CO2 Laser technology.  Our workshops house two laser machines which are capable of operating 24 hours a day with fully automated sheet loading. The AMADA ASLUL tower loading system can hold sheet metal in a multiplicity of type, size and thickness providing uninterrupted and highly efficient fed to the laser cutting process - thus enabling Dragon Laser to provide a rapid, cost effective and quality service demanded by our customers.

Laser cutting is extremely accurate with consistent repeatability and frequently used to produce the most complex profiles.  Tolerances of +/- 0.2mm are normal but can vary with material thickness and design detail.  Our programming team use Lantec, a state of the art programming software  that converts your CAD drawing files directly into machine code which eliminates the possibility of transposition error.  If necessary, we can also work from hard-line-drawings and development samples and will work with you to complete your engineering projects to design specification.

The Prima Platino 1530 laser machine has a single track drive with 3-sided open access to the work surface - ideal for loading pre-formed panels and sheets where laser profiling is a secondary operation.  This machine has a laser capacity of 2.5kW and is capable of cutting sheet steel sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm to a thickness of 15mm.

The Amada is fully enclosed with an automatic loading/unloading facility.  This machine has a laser capacity of 4kW and is also capable of cutting a sheet steel size of 3000mm x 1500mm with a maximum material thickness of 20mm.

The AMADA ASLUL is an extremely versatile tower loading system. It is fully automated with multi-job scheduling that can be preloaded for 24 hour operation.  The versatility of this machine, when coupled with the AMADA FOII laser, provides seamless changeover between material type and thickness with minimum downtime.

As part of our continual upgrading program, Dragon Laser has recently invested in high volume nitrogen and oxygen tanks which provide a constant high quality supply of cutting assist gases at the Laser cutting head.  We have also installed a new HFEM20173 press break from AMADA and now offer our customers the option of either flat-cut or formed component parts.